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N8330D/E Ultra-high Accuracy Multi-channel Battery Simulator

N8330D/E is a programmable battery simulator with low-power, multi-channel and high-accuracy, supporting Max. 4 channels. Users can set the voltage and current for each channel by programming software, which is flexible, easy to operate and can meet the needs of multi-channel, multi-parameter and complex test environments. Each channel is isolated, which is convenient for series connection. N8330D/E software supports multi-channel batch operation. Data and curve for each channel can also be displayed. At the same time, data analysis and report functions are supported.

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ModelChannel NumberVoltageCurrent PowerAccuracyResolution Communication InterfaceSize
      ■  Voltage range: 0-4V
      ■  Current range: 0-10A/20A
      ■  Output accuracy up to 0.05%
      ■  Single device with up to 4 channels
      ■  Each channel isolated
      ■  Voltage temperature coefficient less than 25PPM/℃
      ■  Professional test software, supporting data analysis and data report
      ■  Support LAN and RS485 interface
      ■  Standard 19-inch 2U, available for cabinet installation
Functions & Advantages

Ultra-high accuracy       

N8330D/E output accuracy can be up to 0.05%. Ultra-high accuracy, ultra-low ripple and noise index make N8330D/E an ideal selection for battery simulation application. The ultra-high accuracy of N8330D/E output and measurement can be directly used in product calibration and testing, eliminating the use of external high-accuracy measuring instruments and saving high cost for users.


Ultra-high integration

N8330D/E integrates up to 4 power channels that can be connected in series mode in 19-inch 2U size, providing a compact solution for ATE test systems in BMS, CMS and similar large-scale high-density production sites. Compared with traditional power supply and battery simulator products, N8330D/E can save up to 80% space and greatly simplify system wiring.

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