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T2000-200 High Accuracy DC Current Shunt

T2000-200 is a portable high-accuracy DC current shunt, mainly used for current measurement of power supply devices. Its core design is based on a shunt with high stability and low temperature coefficient. The high measurement accuracy of T2000-200 can be used for instrument calibration, which will not cause measurement errors due to temperature variation. T2000-200 is with compact size, light weight and easy to carry. It can be used for R&D, quality verification and test of power supply, communication system power, server power and electronic load.


■  Current range: 0-200A

■  0-200A Accuracy up to 0.01%

■  Built-in over current protection

■  Temperature coefficient less than 10ppm/℃

■  High stability

■  RS232 interface

■  Intelligent fan control

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