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NGI Attended 2019 electronica China in Shanghai

March 25, 2019

From March 20th to 22nd, 2019, electronica China was held at Shanghai New International Expo Centre.

NGI attended the exhibition with new products. The new products presented are N8352 series battery simulator, N8358 series battery simulator, N6112 series DC electronic load, etc. NGI also showed the innovative industry solutions, for example, BMS test system, charge and discharge test system, supercapacitor automatic aging separator, high voltage harness transient open circuit test system, etc.

At the exhibition, many customers were attracted by NGI products and solutions. They had intensive discussion with NGI engineers.

With over 10 years experience in measurement and control industry, NGI has been providing competitive and reliable products and solutions to all of our partners.


NGI puts much emphasis on R& D and innovation. We maintain close cooperation with many universities and scientific research institutions, and maintain close relation with many industry leaders.


With the target of serving intelligent manufacturing, NGI is always striving and on the way forward.


We look forward to meeting you again in Shanghai in 2020.


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