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N8358 Series High-accuracy Multi-channel Programmable Battery Simulator

N8358 is a programmable battery simulator with low power, high accuracy and multi-channel. By adopting dual-quadrant design, the current can be charged and discharged, which can satisfy the needs of BMS test. N8358 standalone supports up to 8 channels, which can offer four-station test and meet the demands of ATE test in consumer electronics. The voltage & current of each channel can be set on application software. N8358 software is easy to use, which can meet demands of battery simulators in multi-channel, multi-parameter, and complex test environments. N8358 software supports multi-channel batch operation. Data and curve for each channel can be displayed. Meanwhile, data analysis and report function are supported.

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ModelChannel NumberVoltageCurrent PowerAccuracyResolution Communication InterfaceQuadrants

Voltage range: 0-5V/0-6V/0-15V

Current range: -1~1A/-2~2A/-3~3A/-5~5A
Single device up to 8 channels
Remote sense for high output accuracy
Voltage ripple noise low to 2mVrms
Dual LAN port and RS232 interface
Active/passive balancing test
μA level current measurement
Standard 19 inch 2U, available for rack installation
Fault simulation: short circuit, open circuit, reverse polarity
Each channel isolated, series connection available
Voltage accuracy up to 0.01%+1mV
Functions & Advantages
Active/passive balancing test
By bidirectional design, current input and output directions of each channel can be respectively controlled. Users can customize the battery charge and discharge model, which fully meets the requirements of BMS active/passive balancing test.

Ultra-high accuracy, supporting static power consumption test

N8358 has high current accuracy, up to 1μA. By supplying power to the DUT, static power consumption of the DUT in standby mode can be intuitively tested. The unqualified products are screened out to ensure the product standby time is within the nominal range after delivery.

Ultra-high integration, built-in fault simulation

N8358 integrates 8 channels in 19-inch 2U size. Each channel has built-in positive & negative polarity short circuit, open circuit, and reverse polarity. Users can control directly on the front panel or on PC. The application of N8358 can eliminate use of external component for battery fault simulation, which can save cost and space for users.

Application-ATE Test


N8358 standalone has 8 channels with each channel isolated. Each channel can be used for current input or output. In ATE (Automatic Test Equipment) test system for consumer electronics such as smart phones, Bluetooth headsets, etc., the single production line often uses four stations. During the test, four channels are used as power supply to provide high-accuracy and stable power output. The left four channels are used for battery simulation. Paired channels simulate various operation conditions to check if they can meet the built-in graph requirements. N8358 standalone can be built into a four-station test system, which greatly improves the test efficiency and saves the investment.

Test Items

Charging current test
Static power consumption test
Protection parameter test

Application Fields

BMS/CMS test for new energy vehicle, UAV and energy storage
Battery maintenance device test

Portable consumer electronics R&D and production, such as mobiles, bluetooth earphones, smartwatch, etc.

Electric tools manufacturing test, such as electric screw driver

Standard & Optional Accessories

Data Sheet

User Manual

Communication Protocol

Software & Driver


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