NGI offers test solutions for lithium batteries, such as lead-acid, Ni-MH, LFP, etc., and provides diversified test solutions for different needs of battery cells, battery modules and battery packs. It can test various key parameters including battery cap

·Battery cell test

·Battery pack/rechargeable battery test

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Power Supply

NGI provides various test solutions of power supply development and test. It covers multiple power levels. By using electronic loads N6112/N6140/N6180 with low power and multi channels, N6200 with medium power, and N6900 with distributed high power, it p

·Power supply test system

·DC-DC converter test system

·Vehicle OBC, UPS test system

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New Energy Vehicle

NGI provides a variety of efficient and reliable test solutions for electronic & electrical components of automotive electronics. The test items include BCM (body control module) comprehensive test system, high-voltage wiring harness transient open-circui

·BMS test system

·BCM comprehensive test system

·High-voltage wiring harness transient open-circuit test system

·High-voltage electrical endurance test system

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Consumer Electronics

Nowadays, various electronic products play an important role in our lives, such as mobile phones, tablets, digital cameras, earphones and so on. Before ex-factory, there will be strict factory verification. NGI provides a variety of test solutions for ele

·Electronics PCB test

·Electronics aging test

·NXI measurement & control system

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All Solutions

Product Recommendation

NXI-F1080 Multi-slot Measurement&Control System Chassis

NXI-F1080 is a measurement and control system chassis based on NXI architecture (Network eXtension Interface), it adopts Gigabit LAN interface with high bandwidth

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N2600 Series High Precision Source Meter (SMU)

N2600 series is a digital source meter developed by NGI, which closely combines the functions of high-accuracy source and high-accuracy measurement. It integrates 5 functions (voltage source, current source, I/V/R measurement) in one instrument

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N1200 Series Cell Voltage Monitor

N1200 series cell voltage monitor is specially developed by NGI for fuel cell R&D and production. It is with compact size,high integration, high reliability and fast data transmission

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N35100 Series Bidirectional Programmable DC Source

N35100 series is a bidirectional programmable DC power supply. N35100 adopts dual quadrant design, which can supply &absorb the power, and return power to the grid cleanly

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N8352 Series High-accuracy Dual-channel Programmable Battery Simulator

N8352 series is specially designed for the R&D and test of portable battery-operated products, such as Bluetooth headsets, mobiles, AR/VR smart terminals, electric tools, etc.

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N83524 Series Multi-channel Dual-quadrant Battery Simulator

N83524 is a programmable battery simulator with low-power, multi-channel and high-accuracy. By adopting dual-quadrant design, the current can be charged and discharged

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N62400 Series Low Voltage High Current DC Electronic Load

N62400 series is with high accuracy, high reliability and high cost performance. N62400 can load high current under ultra-low voltage.

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NXI-3106 Series Programmable DC Power Supply Modular Card

NXI-3106 series is a programmable DC power supply module with high power density, high accuracy. Single card with single slot, output power up to 60W

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NXI-3201 Series Programmable DC Electronic Load Module

NXI-3201 series adopts NXI architecture, designed for integration applications, supports CC/CV/CP/CR/LED and other operating modes, with OCP/OVP/OPP/ OTP and other multiple protection functions

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N36200 Series Wide Range Programmable DC Power Supply

N36200 series is a wide range programmable DC power supply with ultra compact size, high performance, high powerdensity

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N69200 Series High Performance High Power Programmable DC Electronic Load

N69200 series is a high performance high power programmable DC electronic load with high reliability, high precision and multi-function

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N83624 Series High-accuracy Multi-channel Battery Simulator

N83624 is a programmable battery simulator with low-power, multi-channel and high-accuracy, suitable for BMS/CMS test.

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N39400 Series High-accuracy Multi-channel Programmable DC Power Supply

N39400 series is a high-accuracy & multi-channel programmable DC power supply with standard 19-inch 2U design

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Committed to the research and exploration of measurement and control solutions in related fields, such as information manufacturing, scientific experiments, education & research, etc.

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Conference Time:May 14, 2024

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Battery Simulator N8352 Series Application in Cell Phone Battery

The role of battery simulator is to emulate the output state and charging & discharging characteristics of real batteries. It can change the battery SOC, depth of discharge, open circuit voltage, internal resistance and other conditions at any time according to the needs of the user, and rapidly verify the DUT 's response under different battery conditions.

Release Time:December 18, 2019

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