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N39400 Series High-accuracy Multi-channel Programmable DC Power Supply

N39400 series is a high-accuracy & multi-channel programmable DC power supply with standard 19-inch 2U design, available for cabinet installation. Single N39400 supports Max. 4 channels output, with channels isolated. Both local operation on front panel and remote control on a computer are supported. N39400 can be widely used in lab test, system integration test, production aging line, etc.

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■  Automatic switch between CV and CC mode 

■  Single device with up to 4 channels, each channel isolated 

■  Equipped with LCD screen and user-friendly UI operation 

■  Low ripple and low noise 

■  Remote sense 

■  Multiple protections: OVP, OCP, OTP and short circuit

■  Intelligent fan control with ultra-low noise to offer comfort

■  Lock function to avoid misoperation

■  Standard 19-inch 2U, available for cabinet installation

■  Support LAN and RS232 interface 

Functions & Advantages

Ultra-high integration, single device with up to 4 channels 

N39400 series adopts the standard 19-inch 2U design, with Max.4 channels in a single device. Each channel is isolated. One device can support 4-station test simultaneously, which greatly reduces the test equipment quantity and improves test efficiency.

Remote control  

N39400 series DC power supply supports remote control, providing RS232 and LAN port to communicate with the computer, and realizing all functions on the panel through computer control software. Driver packages that support common development environments such as Visual C ++, Visual Basic, Delphi, C #, and Labview are provided.

Remote sense

N39400 series DC power supply provides remote sense function, which can transfer the actual voltage of the load back to the DC power supply so that the DC power supply can compensate for the output voltage and eliminate lead wire errors.

Application Fields

    ■ Laboratory test

    ■ System integration test

    ■ Production line aging 

Standard & Optional Accessories

Data Sheet

User Manual

Communication Protocol

Software & Driver


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