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NXI-1100 10 Gigabit LAN Master Control Card

NXI-1100 is a high performance 10 Gigabit Ethernet master control module  with a single-port transmission bandwidth of 10 Gbps, it supports Gigabit  connection for up to 16 slots of NXI module. NXI-1100 can be used as a  data exchange between NXI modular instruments and PCs, it is particularly  suitable for applications requiring high speed data acquisition.

●Dual SPF+ interfaces, supporting optical/electrical module access
●High throughput rates with total bandwidth up to 20Gbps
●High compatibility, 1Gbps/10Gbps self-adaptive
●Support Gigabit connection for 16 slots of NXI measurement and control module
●Support cascade connection of multiple NXI chassis to expand the number of slots
●Support MAC address self-learning, more efficient data transmission
●Support external trigger interface, support synchronous trigger function
●Support port auto-flip for better compatibility, and easy to use
●Configured with LED dynamic indicator, real-time display of port status
●Applicable to NXI-F1080 chassis

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