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NXI-6200-4/16 Analog Output Card

NXI-6200-4/16 is a 16-bit 4-channel analogue output module. The output  specification can be selected from 0~10V, -10V~+10V, 0~20mA, 4~20mA,  and the output voltage accuracy is as high as 0.01%+0.01% F.S.  NXI-6200-4/16 can be used in NXI modular instrumentation measurement  and control chassis, also can be used separately, widely used in the  calibration and testing of various acquisition and measurement systems  and the simulation of various sensor signals.

●Analog voltage output specification: 0~10V, -10V~+10V
●Analog current output specification: 0~20mA, 4~20mA
●Support 2 channel analogue output, each channel isolated
●Output resolution: 16 bits
●Voltage accuracy up to 0.01% + 0.01% F.S.
●Current accuracy: 0.05%+2.5μA
●Support independent configuration of voltage/current for each channel
●Single card with single slot, applicable to NXI-F1000 chassis or independent use
●Combined with the NXI-F1000 chassis, external triggering can be realized
●Support Modbus-RTU, SCPI protocols
●Support 12VDC power supply input, LAN communication for individual control

Application Fields

●Sensor Signal Simulation
●Digital Mining Equipment Testing
●BMS Test System
●Other ATE Systems

Standard & Optional Accessories

Data Sheet

User Manual

Communication Protocol

Software & Driver


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