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NXI-3106 Series Programmable DC Power Supply Modular Card

NXI-3106 series is a programmable DC power supply module with high power density, high accuracy. Single card with single  slot, output power up to 60W. NXI-3106 supports independent single card /integrated control, supports CC, CV and SEQ  modes, CC&CV priority selection function, widely used in integrated test systems, large-scale production line testing and  other test scenarios.
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●Power Range 0~60W
●Voltage Range 6V/15V/30V/60V
●Current Range 12A/4A/2A/1A
●Support CC/CV mode
●Support SEQ function, 1000 steps for total 10 files, which can be self-assigned
●Support integrated with NXI-F1080, NXI-F1030, NXI-F1020 measurement&control chassis
●Support CC&CV priority selection function
●Support OVP/OCP/OPP/OTP protection
●4HP width for single module
●220V AC input, support LAN port communication control

Functions & Advantages

High integration, 4U chassis supports up to 16 channels
NXI-3106 programmable DC power supply module can be Integrated used with NXI-F1080 series and other measurement & control system chassis, a single chassis supports up to 16 channels. Compare to general desktop power supply, the ultra-high integration effectively help users to save the space and cost of test.

NXI3106 4U 16 channels high integration

SEQ function
NXI-3106 series supports SEQ mode, and it can be edited in up to 1000 steps, users can set output voltage, output current, and single step dwell time.

NXI3106 SEQ function

CC&CV Priority Function
NXI-3106 series supports CC&CV priority function, users can choose the optimal working mode for testing according to the characteristics of DUT. As shown in Figure 1, when the DUT needs to avoid voltage overshoot during testing,the voltage priority mode should be used to obtain a fast and smooth rise voltage. As shown in Figure 2, when the DUT needs to avoid the current overshoot, or the DUT is low impedance, the current priority mode should be used to obtain a fast and smooth rising current.

NXI3106 CC&CV priority function

Standard & Optional Accessories

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