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N36600 Series Portable Wide Range Programmable DC Power Supply

N36600 series is a portable wide range programmable DC power supply with compact size that significantly reduces purchase cost andspace occupation. N36600 series is equipped with LAN port, RS232 interface and RS485 interface supporting SCPI and Modbusprotocol. N36600 can be widely used in laboratory, production line aging, ATE test and other applications
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Output range: 200W/80V/8A,100W/80V/6A

Net weight only 1.8kg, compact size, easy to carry

Multiple protection: OCP/OVP/OTP

Four-wire sense and external trigger

Multiple communication interfaces: LAN/RS232/RS485

Supporting SCPI and Modbus-RTU protocol

Supporting 100-240V AC input

Optional 4U chassis to integrate 8 channels DC power supply

Functions & Advantages

Wide range for saving purchase cost

N36600 series DC power supply adopts a wide range design. Let’s take model N36610-80-06 for example. The Max. power is 100Wwhile Max. voltage and Max. current can reach 80V and 6A respectively, which can replace the traditional 80V×1.2A / 60V×1.6A /32V×3A /16V×6A four models. This feature can reduce the purchase cost and space occupation.

Light weight and portable, easy to carry

The size and weight of N36600 series DC power supply are greatly reduced by optimizing the components selection and system design.N36600 standalone is only 1.8kg, compact and portable.

Multiple communication interfaces, convenient for system integration

N36600 series DC power supply is equipped with RS232 interface,RS485 interface and LAN port, supporting SCPI and Modbus-RTUprotocols. It provides optional standard 4U chassis to integrate 8channels DC power supply, which is convenient for system integration.

Application Fields

R&D in laboratory

Production line aging

ATE test

Standard & Optional Accessories

Data Sheet

User Manual

Communication Protocol

Software & Driver


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