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N61100 Series Multi-channel High Performance DC Electronic Load

N61100 series is a multi-channel DC programmable electronic load, with high reliability, high integration, high cost performance and full features. It is tailored for integrated applications, featuring in high communication response speed and high stability.N61100 series is with 19-inch 3U size, up to 12 channels, and supports LAN, RS232, and RS485 communication interfaces. In most integrated applications, N61100 series can replace low-power standalone electronic loads and save much cost for users.
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Functions & Advantages

Ultra-high integration, single device with up to 12 channels

N61100 series DC electronic load supports up to 12 channels in a single device. Each channel is electrically isolated. It can be controlled separately, and also can be controlled up to 120 channels at the same time. The ultra-high integration in multi-channel batch test system applications reduces test cost and instrument occupation for users. Combined with up to 5ms readback speed, the test efficiency can be greatly improved.

Multiple operation modes

N61100 series not only supports four basic modes of CC, CV, CP, and CR, but also supports four combined working modes of CV+CC, CR+CC, CV+CR, CP+CC. CR+CC mode is suitable for power-on test of source, preventing over current protection during power-on. CV+CR mode can replace Von function. CV+CC mode can simulate the working mode conversion process of battery charging. Users can select different operation modes according to their test application.

LED light simulation to test LED driving power

The electronic load has LED light simulation function. As shown in the figure, the LED equivalent circuit is to connect the resistance Rd with the voltage source Vf in series. Its I-V curve is equivalent to tangent of the real LED nonlinear I-V curve at the operating point (Vo, Io).

Under LED mode, users need to set three parameters to simulate real LED light loading condition, including the rated output current of LED driving power, LED operating voltage, and resistance coefficient.

OCP (over current protection) test

During OCP test, N61100 will load under CC mode and check whether the DUT voltage is lower than end voltage. If lower, N61100 will record the present loading current as the test result and shut the input to stop the test. If the DUT voltage is higher than end voltage, N61100 will increase the loading current until the DUT voltage is lower than end voltage or it reaches the Max. loading current.

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