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N83524 Series Multi-channel Dual-quadrant Battery Simulator

N83524 is a programmable battery simulator with low-power, multi-channel and high-accuracy. By adopting dual-quadrant design, the current can be charged and discharged, which can satisfy the needs of BMS test and consumer electronics ATE test. Its voltage accuracy is up to 0.6mV, supporting μA-level current measurement, standalone up to 24 channels. The channels are isolated from each other, which is convenient for series connection. N83524 supports both local operation and remote operation via LAN/RS232/CAN interface. N83524 application software is easy to use, which can meet demands of battery simulators in multi-channel, multi-parameter, and complex test environments.
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ModelChannel NumberVoltageCurrent PowerAccuracyResolution Communication InterfaceQuadrants
N83524-06-01246V1A6WVoltage0.6mV / Current1uA0.1mV/0.1μALAN/RS232/CANTwo
N83524-06-03246V3A18WVoltage0.6mV / Current1uA0.1mV/0.1μALAN/RS232/CANTwo
N83524-06-05246V5A30WVoltage0.6mV / Current1uA0.1mV/0.1μALAN/RS232/CANTwo
Voltage range: 0-6V
Voltage accuracy up to 0.6mV
High integration,standalone up to 24 channels, each channel isolated
μs-level dynamic response, simulating the characteristics of real battery
Optional NB108 series products to achieve fault simulation and nA-level current measurement
Supporting charge mode, battery simulation, SEQ test, SOC test
4.3 inch high-definition color LCD screen, local/remote control, standard application software
LAN port,RS232 interface,CAN interface; dual LAN ports, convenient for cascade application
Current range: ±1A/±3A/±5A
μA-level current measurement
Voltage ripple noise ≤2mVrms
Functions & Advantages
Active/passive balancing test

By bidirectional current design, each channel supports up to 5A current input and output. Users can customize the battery charge and discharge model, which fully meets the requirements of BMS active/passive balancing test.

Fast dynamic response

N83524 series has fast dynamic response capability. The response time of load varying from 10% to 90% and voltage recovering within 50mV of previous voltage is less than 100μs, which can ensure the rise and fall waveform of voltage is high-speed and without overshoot, and provide stable output voltage to the DUT.

Battery simulation suitable for BMS chips test of various specifications

N83524 series battery simulators have multiple functions and features, supporting Source, Charge, Battery Simulation,SOC Test, SEQ Test, Graph, etc.N83524 can achieve high-precision voltage and current measurements to quickly verify the response of various portable electronic products under different battery conditions.

One device can achieve multiple uses, streamline test equipment and optimize test procedures. N83524's internal circuit is optimized for different chips, which can be adapted to test BMS chips of various specifications.

Optional fault simulation unit

N83524 integrates 24 independent output channels in a 19-inch 3U chassis. By optional NB108-2 fault simulation unit (as shown in the below figure), it can realize simulation of 24-channel built-in positive&negative short circuit,positive&negative open circuit and reverse polarity. By NB108-2, it can improve the integration of test system, reduce complicated wiring, save space and reduce costs for users.