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NXI-4200-8 Universal Relay Control Card

NXI-4200 is an 8-channel relay control switch module with a highly reliable  electromagnetic relay, and its high power signals capacity up up to 150W.  The control circuit of this model is electrically isolated from the switching  circuit; Therefore, it can effectively protect the test system and improve the  test safety. NXI-4200-8 has a strong loading capacity and good isolation  performance,and it can be widely used in various scene that AC/DC  voltage and current need to be switched.

●8 channels, support SPST (Single Path Single Throw)
●Switching Load 8A/250VAC、5A/30VDC
●Action Time: 10ms (typical)
●Dielectric Strength: coil-contact 4000V AC
●Contact Resistance: 100mΩ
●Mechanical life up to 10^7 times
●Single module with single slot, applicable to NXI-F1000 chassis or independent use
●Support 12V DC power supply input, LAN communication for individual control
●Support Modbus-RTU, SCPI protocols

Application Fields

●Circuit Switching Control
●Signal ON/OFF Simulation
●Integrated Test Systems

Standard & Optional Accessories

Data Sheet

User Manual

Communication Protocol

Software & Driver


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