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N6200 Series Wide Range Medium Power DC Electronic Load

N6200 series is developed based on NGI's years of experience in testing for power supply and battery. It is with high accuracy, high reliability and high cost-effective. N6200 series is with high power density and elegant appearance, which is available for benchtop use or installation in 19 inch cabinet.
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■  High power density, minimizing space occupation 

■  Stable and reliable CR/CP function supported by hardware 

■  Editable rising and falling slew rate
■  Support Ethernet, serial communication, CAN communication and SCPI instruction set

■  Powerful charging & discharging control function in series mode, convenient for battery and supercapacitor test

■  Built-in ESR test function, supporting multiple industry standards and saving much cost for battery and super capacitor users (Optional)

■  Up to 20KHz dynamic test performance

■  Remote/local sense

■  Power-off memory function

■  Programmable sequence test function(SEQ), up to 100 groups sequence files, up to 50 steps per file

■  Editable Von/Voff, reducing test accidents

■  Short-circuit simulation

■  LCD screen for information display

■  Built-in auto test function, one-button operation for complex test tasks

■  Analog programming interface(APG), current monitoring interface, remote/local trigger function to realize complex function control and monitoring

■  Standard 19-inch 2U, available for cabinet installation

Functions & Advantages

Adjustable CV loop feedback speed

Different voltage response speeds are required in different power applications. When the electronic load does not match with the power supply in response speed, it will cause parameter fluctuation, reduce the measuring accuracy, and even cause numerical oscillation and unsuccessful test.

On both LCD and application software, N6200 provides three options for voltage response speed: high, medium and low, which can match various power supplies. It can not only improve the test efficiency but also reduce the cost of equipment, time and expenses.


Equivalent Series Resistance( ESR) test 

ESR is a principal parameter of battery or super capacitor. N6200 series offers professional ESR measurement function, which can support multiple measurement standards, and possess the advantages of accurate results and stable repeated results.

The ESR measurement function absorbs current from the DUT under CC mode. When the current changes, the NGI internal resistance sensing circuit can accurately capture the voltage drop of DUT and calculate ESR value.


CR/CP function supported by hardware

NGI CP circuit has fast response and high accuracy. Compared with CP function by software, it works more stably and reliably without causing power peak or self-excitation due to voltage transient.

NGI CR circuit can improve the speed and stability of the control loop and prevent the loop from self-excitation, without participation of software for calculation.

Fuse melting time measurement

Fuse manufacturer is required to test the fuse melting time at different rates based on rated current. Take a rated 30A fuse for example. If the rate is 5 times, the Max. fuse melting current will be 150A. N6200 series can fully meet users' testing needs.

Application Fields

■  Medium power supplies, battery packs, electrical tools, BMS, super capacitors, etc.

Standard & Optional Accessories

Data Sheet

User Manual

Communication Protocol

Software & Driver


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