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N38300 Series Wide Range High Power Programmable DC Power Supply

N38300 series is a wide range, high power density, programmable high power DC power supply. N38300 standalone 19-inch 3U chassis is up to 18kW. Power efficiency is as high as 93%. Power range is up to 180kW. Current range is up to 5100A and voltage range is up to 2250V. N38300 series DC power supply has comprehensive functions and supports multiple control methods, making it an ideal choice for laboratory applications and automated test systems.
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Voltage up to 2250V, current up to 5100A, power up to 180kW

Supporting master/slave parallel, extended power up to 1.8MW

Voltage accuracy 0.05%F.S., current accuracy 0.1%F.S.

Voltage and current sampling rate 500kHz, resolution 16 bits

Power factor 0.99, efficiency up to 93%

LAN port and RS232 interface as standard, GPIB, CAN, RS485 and USB as optional

CC&CV priority function

CC, CV and CP mode

Standard 19-inch 3U chassis

Editable rise and fall slew rate for voltage and current

Internal resistance simulation, SEQ function, voltage RAMP function

Multiple protections: OCP, OVP, LVP, OTP, OPP

Equipped with LCD screen, numeric buttons and knob to support local operation

Equipped with high-voltage isolation digital & analog, and monitoring interfaces

Functions & Advantages

Wide range for saving purchase cost

N38300 series’ maximum power is not the result of Max. voltage multiplied by Max. current. Let’s take model N38306-300-75 for example. The Max. power is 6kW while Max. voltage 300V and Max. current 75A. Compared with traditional power supply, this feature offers N38300 wider application range, which significantly reduces the purchase cost and space occupation.

CC&CV priority function

N38300 has the function of selecting priority of voltage-control loop or current-control loop, which enables N38300 to adopt the optimal test mode for different DUTs, and thus protect the DUT.

As shown in figure one, when the DUT requires reducing voltage overshoot during test, such as supplying power to a low-voltage processor or FPGA core, voltage priority mode should be selected to obtain fast and smooth rise voltage.

As shown in figure two, when the DUT requires reducing current overshoot during test, or when the DUT is with low impedance, such as battery charging scenario, current priority mode should be selected to obtain fast and smooth rise current.

Internal resistance simulation

N38300 series allows settings of voltage and internal resistance value. According to the corresponding output current, the output voltage is decreased with the set resistance. In this case, the internal resistance of secondary battery, fuel cell and supercapacitor can be simply simulated.

Master/slave design, convenient for power expansion

N38300 can be used independently or in master/slave parallel operation. It has built-in master/slave mode, and the Max. power can be expanded to 1.8MW. It adopts a unique current sharing design to ensure each module shares the load equally and ensure the consistency of product use.

Application Fields

New energy fields, such as Li-on battery, photovoltaic, hydrogen fuel, energy storage BMS, etc.

Testing and powering of high power electronic component

Laboratory, production line ATE automatic test system

Power electronics fields, such as high power DC-DC converter, DC-AC inverter, etc

Testing and powering of aerospace electronics

Industrial automation fields, such as controllers, drives, servers, robots, etc.

Standard & Optional Accessories

Data Sheet

User Manual

Communication Protocol

Software & Driver


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