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N36200 Series Wide Range Programmable DC Power Supply

N36200 series is a wide range programmable DC power supply with ultra compact size, high performance, high powerdensity. The 1 U height and half 19 inch width design brings comfortable experience with space-saving in both standalone and integrated cabinet. N36200 series supports fast dynamic response, high accuracy output, multi test functions to meet the needs of different application scenarios.
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●Ultra compact size,high power density
●Fast dynamic response time,voltage rise&fall time ≤10ms
●Voltage accuracy: 0.03%+0.02%F.S.
●Current accuracy: 0.1%+0.1%F.S.
●Support automotive waveform simulation test(optional)
●Support SEQ test, battery charging test, internal resistance simulation
●Support LAN/RS232/RS485/CAN communication control
●Support Modbus-RTU/SCPI/CANopen communication protocol
●Adjustable voltage/current slew rate
●CC&CV priority function
●3.2 inch LCD screen

Functions & Advantages

Ultra compact size, high power density
N36200 series DC power supply adopts systematic heat dissipation design,1U half-width chassis integrated 1600W wide range output, voltage up to 80V, current up to 42 A. N36200 series is designed with small size and high power density to meet customers' test application scenarios, save the purchasing cost and occupied space.

CC&CV priority function

CC&CV priority function
N36200 series supports CC&CV priority function, users can choose the optimal working mode for testing according to the characteristics of DUT. As shown in figure one, when the DUT needs to avoid the voltage overshoot during testing, the voltage priority mode should be used to obtain a fast and smooth rise voltage. As shown in figure two, when the DUT needs to avoid the current overshoot, or the DUT is low impedance, the current priority mode should be used to obtain a fast and smooth rising current.

supporting automotive waveform analogue function

Support automotive waveform analogue function,used for cartronics electric performance test(Optional)
N36200 series can be optional automobile waveform analogue function, which can simulate automobile starting waveform, short-time voltage plunge waveform, unloading waveform,etc., it meets ISO16750-2, LV124 and other standards, used for cartronics electric performance test.

Application Fields

●R&D laboratory
●Aerospace&automotive electronics
●ATE test system
●Storage battery
●Consumer electronics

Standard & Optional Accessories

Data Sheet

User Manual

Communication Protocol

Software & Driver


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