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NXI-6100-32/12 High Speed Data Acquisition Card

NXI-6100-32/12 is a 12-bit 32-channel analogue input& 2-channel analogue output high speed data acquisition module, it supports 1.25MS/s input  sample rate and 1MS/s output sample rate. NXI-6100-32/12 comes with  FIFO snubber, and supports user-defined waveform output. It can be widely  used in voltage signal acquisition, data processing and analysis in multiple  fields and scenarios, such as 3C consumer electronics, industrial control,  and research&education.

●Analogue input: ±10V/±5V/±1V/±200mV
●32 analogue input channels can be turned into 16 channels differential inputs
●Support 2 channel analogue output
●Analogue output range: ±10V
●Input/output resolution: 12 bits
●Total input sampling rate: 1.25MS/s
●Output sampling rate 1MS/s
●Acquisition memory capacity: 16MB
●Support user-defined waveform output with 2048KB cache capacity
●Single module with single slot, applicable to NXI-F1000 chassis or independent use
●Support 12V DC power supply, LAN communication for individual control

Application Fields

●Electric Signal Acquisition
●Electronic Controller Testing
●Industrial Controls
●Integrated Test Systems

Standard & Optional Accessories

Data Sheet

User Manual

Communication Protocol

Software & Driver


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