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N8361 Series High-accuracy Programmable Battery Simulator

N8361 is a high performance battery simulator with power up to 180W, covering the specifications of lithium battery for consumer electronics mainstream market. N8361 supports a variety of test functions, such as power mode, charging mode, battery simulation, internal resistance simulation, SOC simulation, fault simulation and can achieve a variety of battery characteristics simulation. The current flows bidirectional and the source load state changes quickly. N8361 products can be widely used in the field of consumer electronics testing.

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●Voltage Range:0~20V
●Current Range:-10A~+10A
●Single channel power up to 200W
●Voltage rise and fall time ≤50μs
●Current Accuracy up to 1μA
●High precision DVM
●Support front and rear outlet, easier for desktop & integration
●With digital I/O, supporting trigger test
●LAN/RS232/CAN Interface

Functions & Advantages

Current flowing bidirectionally to make it both a power supply and a load
The current flows in both directions. N8361 can both suck and output current, and the current is up to 10A. The output port has a switch component, and the off state disconnects the physical connection with the external loop.

N8361 Two-quadrant Operation

Variable output impedance allowing battery internal resistance simulation
N8361 has the battery internal resistance simulation function, and supports resistance value programming. The programmable range is 0-20Ω, which can emulate the variation graph consistent with the real battery internal resistance characteristics.

Schematic of Battery and N8361-12-15

Front and rear wiring design
N8361 is equipped with banana jack at the front panel and output terminal at the rear panel, which is easy for desktop application &integration, and improves the test efficiency.

DVM test function
N8361 series provides basic circuit measurement function. It has one channel built-in DVM to test external voltage. The voltage range is -30V ~ 30V, and the resolution is 0.1mV. The LCD screen will show the dynamic data, which is convenient for users to observe the voltage changes.

Application Fields

●Battery protection board test
●Portable consumer electronics R&D and production, such as mobiles, bluetooth earphones, smartwatch, etc.
●Power tools production test, such as electric screwdriver
●Testing of Battery powered, small power supply such as DC-DC, wireless charging and other product
●Battery maintenance equipment testing

Standard & Optional Accessories

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Communication Protocol

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