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N8352 Series High-accuracy Dual-channel Programmable Battery Simulator

N8352 series is specially designed for the R&D and test of portable battery-operated products, such as Bluetooth headsets, mobiles, AR/VR smart terminals, electric tools, etc. The current flows in both directions and can be used as either a power supply or a load. N8352 is easy to use with touch screen and UI design. The output features are comparable to actual batteries, with fast dynamic response, no overshoot in voltage rise and fall, and stable waveform. The current accuracy is up to μA level, which can test the static power consumption. N8352 is equipped with 4.3 inch touch screen and is with built-in 2-channel DVM, which can be widely used in consumer electronics testing.

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ModelChannel NumberVoltageCurrent PowerAccuracyResolution Communication InterfaceQuadrants
N8352A26V1A6WVoltage≤0.01%+1mV/Current≤1μA+2d0.1mV / 0.1μALAN/RS232Two
N8352B26V2A12WVoltage≤0.01%+1mV/Current≤1μA+2d0.1mV / 0.1μALAN/RS232Two
N8352C26V3A18WVoltage≤0.01%+1mV/Current≤1μA+2d0.1mV / 0.1μALAN/RS232Two
N8352D215V5A75WVoltage≤0.01%+3mV /Current≤1μA+2d0.1mV / 0.1μALAN/RS232Two
N8352E220V1A20WVoltage≤0.01%+4mV/Current≤1μA+2d0.1mV / 0.1μALAN/RS232Two
N8352F220V3A60WVoltage≤0.01%+4mV / Current≤1μA+2d0.1mV / 0.1μALAN/RS232Two

Voltage range:0-6V/0-15V/0-20V

Current range-1~1A/-2~2A/-3~3A/-5~5A
Voltage ripple noise low to 2mVrms
Dual LAN port and RS232 interface
Voltage accuracy up to 0.01%+1mV
μA level current measurement
Ultra-fast dynamic response without overshoot
Built-in two-channel high-accuracy DVM measurement
High definition touch screen

Functions & Advantages

N8352 Main Functions

Power Mode

As a dual-channel power supply, users can set output voltage and output current limit value on N8352. N8352 provides multiple current ranges which can improve the output and measurement accuracy.

Battery Simulation

N8352 dual channels provide independent setting of initial voltage, internal resistance, battery capacity and other related parameters, and readback in real time. It can be used to solve the difficulty of parameter uncontrollability for real battery in test and to improve test efficiency

Fault Simulation

N8352 provides the following fault states: positive & negative polarity open circuit, reverse polarityconnection and short circuit.

Current flowing in both directions to make N8352 both a power supply and a load

The current flows in both directions. N8352 can both suck and output current.

The output terminal has a switch module, which can physically disconnect from the external circuit in the closed state.

Variable output impedance allowing battery internal resistance simulation

N8352 has the battery internal resistance simulation function,and supports resistance value programming. The programmable range is 0-20Ω, which can emulate the variation graph consistent with the real battery internal resistance characteristics.

Ultra-fast transient response without overshoot

N8352 series can ensure there is no overshoot in voltage changes under no-load or loading condition, preventing damage to the DUT due to voltage overcharge and over discharge. It can avoid bad effect to product quality. This feature can meet the demand for product test with strict power requirements.

Application--Mobile Test
Most consumer electronics are powered by Li-ion battery, especially smartphones. Battery life issues become prominent.Battery test regulation are becoming stricter. Compared with real battery, it has the following advantages to apply battery
simulator. It can emulate the battery change graph and shorten the test cycle. The reliability of test data can be improved by repeated test on a given model.
Both channels of N8352 can charge and discharge. Thus either channel can be used as a power supply, connecting to mobile power terminal. The other channel can be used as a battery, connecting to mobile battery terminal. Both charging
and discharging performance can be tested without changing the cables. A single N8352 can be used to test a charge & discharge protection board without additional switches, which greatly reduces the complexity of the test system and improves testing stability and efficiency.

Advantages of battery simulation VS real batteries
Suitable for any battery model
Static power consumption test
Variable internal resistance output function
Built-in fault simulation
The initial point of battery simulation can be set arbitrarily
Powerful protection functions, without battery safety hazards and risks
Application Fields
Battery protection board test
Battery maintenance device test
Portable consumer electronics R&D and production, such as mobiles, bluetooth earphones, smartwatch, etc.
Electric tools manufacturing test, such as electric screw driver
Standard & Optional Accessories

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Communication Protocol

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