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How to test the durability and reliability of the fuse loop ?

November 12, 2020

The durability test system for high-voltage electrical appliances is designed by NGI for the endurance and reliability test of electrical components such as fuse boxes in automobiles, rail transit, household appliances, aircraft, ships, medical equipment and other related products. 

                        Diagram of durability test system

(This diagram is only for reference. Customization service is available.)


The test system mainly includes the following test items.

1 Fuse box durability test

The durability test and analysis can be realized by setting current sequence of each channel on the application software and continuously loading.

2 Fuse box pulse (surge) current impulse test

The pulse (surge) current loading can be simulated and measured by setting output current waveform on the application software.

3 Fusing peak current and fusing time test

The current flowing through the fuse can be set on the application software. The software will automatically measure the peak current and fusing time during fusing process. The current waveform and curve of fusing time can also be displayed on the application software.


The test system mainly includes the following functions.

1 The start sequence of each unit can be set on the application software. Within the setting range,  the power supply, load and relay will be activated in turn.

                                  Start sequence diagram

2 The load current and operation sequence can be edited. For example, engineer can edit a load cycle, loading at 5A for 5s and cutting off after 10s.

                                                                  Diagram of load cycle

3The software interface is user-friendly. The software supports steady-state performance and transient response test. Voltage, current, time and other test parameters of each channel can be monitored in real time by collecting required signals.


All test equipment of the durability test system is developed by NGI. The channels can be expanded unlimitedly. The system possesses excellent electronic characteristics such as low output ripple, fast response, low voltage drop, strong overload capacity, and etc. 

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